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A minute of a video is worth 1.8 million words’. Every day we come across thousands of videos via internet, television, movie theatres etc. Anything moving on the screen is an animated video. That can be the favorite cartoon channel of your kid or your TV talk show. These works are all done by an animated video maker. Here are some essential tips for creating creative awesome animated videos.

  • Create an elegant video script- Creating a script does not always mean writing lines on a paper but also creating a perfect mood and message for the animated video. Make sure your script and the videos address well to the audience. Make the message of the product quite clear and transparent. Also make sure the script of your video is in brief as most of the viewer’s shows disinterest in the videos after 10 seconds of viewing. Call to action should be the last message conveyed to the customers viewing the video.

  • Select user friendly styles- Use a proper storyboard for the animated video. The message of the product of your clients should be easily understood by the viewers out there. Choose a friendly animation style. Ensure your animated video production  created something extra-ordinary or out of the box videos to seek attention of other clients and increase your clientele.

  • Create your animations, review and get the feedback- after your marvelous creation of the animated video review it and ask the clients for a feedback.

Green Artworks is a commercial video production company creating the latest and informative videos for its niche clients.
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April 11